Request for Proposal Lebo Waverly is seeking bids for the listed hardware regarding the proposed Hosted Private Branch Exchange (HPBX) phone system supported by MT Networks, please find the estimate options: Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope by 4:00 p.m. Thursday, November 4, 2021. Please Submit bids to: Lebo Waverly USD 243 Attn: Corey Reese, Superintendent 411 Pearson Waverly Kansas 66871 Polycom VVX 311 installed X Qty 83 $____________ Polycom VVX 411 installed X Qty 10 $____________ Polycom VVX Expansion (sidecar) installed X Qty 6 $____________ Patton Gateway installed X Qty 1 $____________ ATA installed X Qty 4 $____________ 48 Port POE+ Switch installed X Qty 2 $____________ 24 Port POE+ Switch installed X Qty 2 $____________ 8 Port POE+ Switch installed X Qty 3 $____________ Hardware Total: $____________ Bidders must comply with all State, Local, and Federal Bid Requirements. USD 243 retains the right to refuse of any and/or all bids. Printable bid form can be downloaded at the link below.
about 20 hours ago, Doug Piper
A sink hole developed on the Lebo school playground yesterday. There is a basement of a house that had been torn down years ago. The hole was within the basement area. The hole has been repaired. Sincerely, Mr. Reese
9 days ago, Corey Reese
USD 243 has a variety of weight lifting equipment that will be sold by sealed bid. Bids will be opened on October 20. Please use the sheet on the link below to complete your bid.
24 days ago, Doug Piper
weight equipment
SEVERAL FINANCIAL AID HELP DOCUMENTS WERE ADDED TO THE SENIOR INFORMATION FOLDER. SENIORS AND SENIOR PARENTS MAKE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT! Don't forget Coffey County FAFSA completion night is Thursday, October 7th 6-7:30 p.m. at Burlington HS. Come get help filling out your FAFSA.
25 days ago, Janella Newton
Lebo Waverly Unified School District #243 September 20, 2021 Dear District Patrons, I am taking this opportunity to share with you a few things that are ongoing and forthcoming within Lebo and Waverly Schools. • District and Building Communication Assessment • Building Needs Assessment for Teaching and Learning • Building Leadership Teams • District Leadership Team • Teacher Collaboration Building and District • Multi-tiered System of Support or MtSS • Professional Learning Communities • “Leading for Impact” Training USD 243 is currently engaged with significant initiatives designed to improve your schools. Your Teachers and Administrators are working hard to make sure your child gets the best education that we can provide. Listed above are some of the pillars of great schools. Site-based school improvement is a constant within our school district and we are committed to constant improvement for you and your family. Please contact me anytime if you have questions or concerns. We have great learning communities and are always here to serve you well. Sincerely, Corey Reese
about 1 month ago, Doug Piper
The Waverly Grade School Water Line will be repaired today. Plan to attend classes tomorrow on a normal schedule. Sorry for the inconvenience.
about 1 month ago, Corey Reese
Waverly Grade School is closed today Monday September 13th due to the water being off at the Grade School building. Please check social media today for further information.
about 1 month ago, Corey Reese
If you have any questions regarding quarantine, COVID antigen testing, close contacts, etc. please contact the building offices or building administration. Classroom teachers may not have the most recently updated information, as it can change quickly.
about 1 month ago, Doug Piper
"Just wanted to share with you that USD 243 has trained personnel and tests/ppe in place to conduct rapid antigen testing. If we have individuals deemed as close contacts who are symptom free with no other Covid 19 positive people in their home or living environment, we may test them daily as an optional alternative to quarantine. While in attendance individuals must test negative daily, these individuals must wear a mask and maintain 6 feet distance from any other person while at school. This process is not a substitute for medical care by a licensed physician and the school must receive parent permission prior to testing. People with one or more symptoms should not attend school. People in contact with other ill people within their home or living environment should not attend school." Sincerely, -- Corey Reese, Superintendent Lebo Waverly USD 243
about 2 months ago, Doug Piper
Covid-19 test kit
Good evening parents patrons staff and students. USD 243 has active cases of COVID-19 in every building We ask that you please take precautions and make sure that your students are well before sending them to school. COVID-19 is in our schools. In addition, the preschool and day care at Waverly have been infected with a virus. This virus is being looked into by the health department and doctors. Please watch out for symptoms and if you students have symptoms, please keep students home and do what is necessary to help them recover!
about 2 months ago, Doug Piper
CNA and CMA Training Opportunities: We Care Online is offering CNA and CMA Courses. There is a couple opportunities in Waverly. Link to the information:
about 2 months ago, Janella Newton
USD 243 Lebo Waverly Vision/Mission Survey 2021 Every school has unique opportunities, challenges, weaknesses and strengths. Luckily, your school is full of data that can help you identify these areas. Please follow the link below and complete the survey.
about 2 months ago, Doug Piper
The Kansas State University Polytechnic Chapter of Women in Aviation International (WAI) will be hosting its sixth annual Girls in Aviation Day - a FREE program for girls ages 8 to 18, designed to introduce them to the possibilities available with a career in aviation - on Saturday, September 25, 2021 at the Stevens Flight Center. The day's activities will take place from 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. and lunch will be served. All guests will receive a drawstring sports pack, WIA Aviation Fun Patch, Whirlygig, a copy of Girls in Aviation magazine and a limited-edition t-shirt. The first 100 girls to register will receive an additional surprise. If you attended our event in the past, we encourage you to wear your Girls in Aviation Day t-shirt! Attendees will have the opportunity to talk to women in various fields of aviation and aerospace, including pilots, engineers, air traffic controllers, airport managers, and more. Exciting hands-on activities, such as flight simulators and much more. Please note: All children must be accompanied by an adult for the duration of their stay at the Stevens Flight Center. If you are interested, please contact Mrs. Newton for more information.
2 months ago, Janella Newton
USD 243 Lebo-Waverly schools will not require the wearing of masks at this time in school. Masks will be required while using school transportation. There is a federal order requiring masks on buses and school transportation. Masks are recommended but not required for students under age 12.
2 months ago, Doug Piper
Medical Mask with the words Covid-19
Evergy has scheduled a power outage on August 18. This outage will last 6-8 hours in the Lebo, Waverly, and areas surrounding. Please plan accordingly!
2 months ago, Doug Piper
Planned Power Outage with a lineman
1st Time Students are the only students that need to use the E-Collect online registration!! If your students have previously attended any school in USD 243, you need to login to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account and go to forms and complete the registration process. If you can't get into your Parent Portal account, contact your school office to help get you connected!
2 months ago, Doug Piper
PARENTS Only use the link to enroll STUDENTS THAT DID NOT ATTEND A USD 243 SCHOOL LAST YEAR! If you student attend a USD 243 school last year, go to and log into the parent portal! If. you need your access code and password, please call the school.
3 months ago, Doug Piper
PreK parents, we have the new student enrollment corrected! You can now register your PreK students!
3 months ago, Doug Piper
PowerSchool Online registration is now live! If you already have a parent account in PowerSchool, login in and select a student. On the left side of the page, just below "Teacher Comments", you will see "Forms". Click Forms and you will see the necessary forms on the right. Click on the first form and you are on the way. Once all the forms are complete, be sure to click submit. If you don't have a parent account, you will need to contact the school for your access ID and password. Once you have them, go to and set up a user account. There will be additional instructions on the school web page. If you have problems, please contact the school! If necessary, enrollment can be completed at the school! Thursday at Waverly and Friday at Lebo, from 8:00-4:00
3 months ago, Doug Piper
Online Registration For NEW STUDENTS Online enrollment is now open for student that aren't currently enrolled in USD 243 Lebo-Waverly Schools. Below is short video on how to get started with the online enrollment process. Once you have watched the video or if you feel comfortable without watching the video, go to and start the pre-registration process. Call your schools or contact if you have problems or need help.
3 months ago, Doug Piper