Black, White Orange Square with Lebo Waverly inside

Lebo Waverly USD 243

Dear USD 243 Patrons,

I apologize for the disruption of your lives. Things have been flipped upside down for all of us.
We are all living in unprecedented times. The good news is...this too shall pass.
Your community schools will do our best to continue to provide educational services for your
family. Our hope is to make personal contact with your family at the end of the week or over the

If you have not heard from us by Monday, March 30th please contact your school

Janella Newton-Seniors
Duane Ford-Grades 9-11
Susan Wildeman-Grades 6-8
Bethany Thomas-Grades 3-5
Libby Self-Grades Daycare-2

The District Office will be open daily. If you have questions or concerns, call (785) 733.2651

Our parameters are:
  • No Face to Face Contact
  • Limited Access to School Buildings
  • No State Assessments!

We are working off of the idea that we will try to provide basic and necessary fundamental
learning for your children.
  • We WillKeep it Simple
  • Ease into it
  • Grade Fairly
  • Work Together
Early Childhood-Expect 30 minutes of school work per day per student
Elementary/Intermediate-Expect 30-60 minutes of school work per day per student
Middle School-Expect 60-90 minutes of school work per day per student
High School-Expect 30 minutes of school work per class per day per student (3 hours max)

Corey Reese, Superintendent
Lebo Waverly USD 243