Randy Watson, Commissioner of Education, has recommended closure of schools that are coming off spring break this week.  The Governor supports this recommendation.

I have meetings tomorrow with County Emergency, Health, and School Leaders.  I will let you know what comes from this meeting.

Moving forward all district activities are cancelled including sports practice.  There will be no sports or activity practice this week.

There is a phrase called "Flattening the Curve".  I will send you a video that explains the concept.  We need everyone to self isolate as much as you can.  We need to take universal precautions such as hygiene and hand washing.  Encourage everyone to keep their kids as isolated as possible.  Stay away from places people gather.  

This is kind of like a full court press, everybody has to be committed to slowing this disease down.  If 4 out 5 people cooperate, It will be layups for this virus.  We need everybody to self social isolate in order to slow this thing down.

We are on spring break but need to have the mindset that we are closed due to a very fast moving and infectious illness.


Corey Reese, Superintendent
Lebo Waverly USD 243