Dear Parents and/or Guardians of Lebo Students,

We had a tragic situation for one of our Wolf families. Unfortunately they are dealing with the untimely death of their son who is a student at Lebo High. We extend our condolences to the family.  Our thoughts, prayers, and support are with them. The loss of a loved one is never easy, especially a child. But one of the things that makes this community great is the love and support we have for each other in times of need. 

Our Crisis Response Team met this afternoon to help our students with this loss.  Staff and students were informed. Mrs. Newton (school counselor) and Mrs Barazza (school psychologist) were available to talk to students in the classrooms as well as individually.  Both of our churches in town have been notified and will be provided space in the building for students, staff, and even parents needing to talk. We have also got a team of trained counselors that will be on site tomorrow as well. We ask that you please keep an eye on your child and talk to them. I have placed some helpful tips for parents of all age-level students to review in the following section. 

The following may be helpful as you talk with your child:

  • Tell the truth. Talk about death vs. “going to sleep.”

  • Allow for your child to talk about feelings. If this is the first loss your child has experienced, your child may not know how to respond and will be looking for your guidance. 

  • Affirm all expressions. It’s okay to express feelings honestly. Tolerate the expressions rather than dismissing them or discouraging the expression of feelings.

  • Encourage written expressions such as notes, letters, pictures to the family etc.

  • Reaffirm that your child is safe and that your child is loved.

  • Affirm that your child’s reaction is normal and you understand the way the child’s feels.

  • Watch for signs of trouble such as aggression, withdrawal etc.

  • Help the children return to as normal a routine as possible.

In addition:

  • Continued counseling services are available at school if needed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give me a call (620 256-6341).


Duane Ford, Ed.S