Carolyn Crouch

On February 18, Lebo Schools honored Carolyn Crouch for her 40 years of service to the school.  Carolyn has been a faithful scorebook keeper for volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball all of those years.   The school surprised Carolyn with this honor and brought in her entire family.

Carolyn is a 1968 graduate of Lebo High School. She was a three-year baton twirler in high school.  Carolyn’s family has all graduated from Lebo including her two older brothers, her children Leeann in 1989, Michelle in 1993, and Chuck in 1996. She has 5 grandchildren of which two have already graduated from Lebo and 3 that are currently in high school. 

Carolyn has been a school bus driver for 25 years. In 1987, Carolyn became the LCL secretary and is still currently holding that position. You can find Carolyn at the scores stand keeping the books at the LCL volleyball and basketball tournaments. She also keeps the scorebook at the sub-state and state volleyball and basketball tournaments. Not only does she keep the book for Lebo Schools but also Lebo City Rec league baseball and softball.  Carolyn keeps a very neat, accurate, and complete scorebook. She has kept books for 58 different Lebo coaches and to date, Carolyn has kept the scorebook for 6920 games. That is an amazing number. 

We would like to thank Carolyn for her continued service and support to Lebo Schools. 

Once a Wolf, Always a Wolf!