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  Lebo-Waverly Students, Parents, Patrons, and Families,

     A lot has happened in the days since the special Board Meeting on July 27th in regards to reopening the schools. We appreciated the feedback from the parents and the support provided by the Board of Education. Our goal is to provide the best learning environment for our students and to accommodate your concerns throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

     The administrative teams have been developing a plan for the district that will be presented at the August 10th board meeting. However, we realize that parents, guardians and students are wanting information.  The following information reflects only a small portion of the document.

School Start Date: August 27, 2020

Learning Options:

  • USD 243 will offer on-site, “traditional”, classroom instruction.

  • Remote learning (virtual learning) using Google Classroom

  • The option chosen by the family will be selected for the entire first semester of school with the requirements of 360 minutes(6.5 hours) of daily academic learning.

  • If school buildings are completely shut down, due to the virus spreading, ALL education will become remote learning. All grade levels will use the Google Classroom platform for providing instruction.

Safety Measures:

  • All staff and students will have their temperature taken upon entry to the buildings. If a student or staff member is running a temperature over 100 degrees they will not be allowed to attend school.

  • Hand sanitizers are located in each classroom and throughout the buildings. Hourly hand washing

will take place.

  • Additional bottle filling stations have been installed in the district buildings. All water fountains will be disconnected. Please supply a water bottle with a secure lid for the school year.

  • Students and staff will wear masks at school. Children with medical issues and/or special needs will be accommodated. Students under 5 year of age will not need to wear a mask.

Teacher Education:

  • August 10th will be the first day of teacher in-service instruction and planning. Some topics to be covered include: social/emotional needs of students and staff; reopening classrooms after the long shut down; disinfecting classrooms; Google Classroom; teaching in a remote learning environment; and many more.

     Our district is concerned for our students, parents, families,  and staff at this time. We are in the middle of a pandemic that hasn’t been seen for a very long time. Paying attention to guidelines set by the state and local health department and data trends will be our focus for the upcoming months of school. 

     We know the success of our students depends on a productive partnership between the district, our families and the community. Your continued support will ensure our students receive the best education we can provide them, regardless of these circumstances.


District Leadership Team

Corey Reese, Duane Ford, Susan Wildeman, Libby Self, and Bethany Thomas