Use the following directions to create a new parent account. In order to create an account, you must have the Access ID and Password for at least one student enrolled in school. When creating the account, you will need the Access ID and password for each student you want to associate to your parent account. If you do not have this information or have questions, contact your school or Doug Piper, dpiper@usd243ks.org.

  • Open your web browser to the USD 243 PowerSchool: The Parent Sign-in pages appears. https://usd243.powerschool.com/public/ (DO NOT USE www.)
  • Click on Create Account.
  • Fill in the form shown below. Note: You will choose your own username and password. Passwords must be at least 6 characters. You may be prompted to select a different username if the one you choose has already been used.

  • Enter the student’s first name, Access ID & Access Password and your relationship to him/her for each of you students.
  • Click enter. If successful, you will be directed to the Parent Sign-In screen.
  • If you have problems, please contact your school or Doug Piper (dpiper@usd243ks.org)