USD 243 Lebo-Waverly

Dear USD 243 Patrons,

I have never been more excited to begin a new school year!  Yes, we are concerned about Covid-19. Hopefully, this information will help you prepare as we begin another school year.  Please check your child’s temperature daily. The school will not check temperatures unless your child exhibits one or more symptoms of an illness:

-Fever                                       -Headache                    -General Aches and Pains          -Fatigue/Weakness       -Exhaustion                               -Cough                           -Shortness of Breath

If your child has a fever, keep them home.  If they have a fever at school, you should expect to be contacted and your child to be sent home. This is typically 100.4 degrees or higher.  We will follow the Coffey County Health Department Covid-19 protocols for quarantine and return to school after illness.  We will also follow those same protocols regarding close contact and exposure.

 -We will clean/disinfect the building daily, as well as, periodically during the day.

-Face masks are not required but, are recommended for most people; especially children under 12 years.

-Water fountains will be turned off; bottle fillers are available.

-Hand washing and sanitizing will be expected several times each day.

Masks are required on all district transportation. This is a Federal Order and we have no choice. We will try not to mix children on the buses.  Most families will be asked to sit together.  We will continue social distancing as much as possible. 

Athletics are a go. Once again, we will follow county protocols.  This could mean changes and special accommodations as we travel to other counties. Our plan is to monitor the situation and respond accordingly.  Please be patient and prepare to “roll with us” as changes become necessary. If you have questions please consult your healthcare provider, Health department, or community school Building. I am looking forward to a great year!


Corey Reese

Corey Reese, Superintendent

Lebo Waverly USD 243