Speed Test map

Coffey County Patrons:
We need your help to put together an accurate Coffey County internet map. After this past year, we have learned how important internet service is and how it affects our daily lives. It is truly an essential service we cannot be without in today’s world. We know there are places in Coffey County where reliable and affordable internet service is not available.  Unfortunately, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) indicates Coffey County is 99.5% served with 25/3 MBPS service (Source: 2019 FCC Broadband Deployment Report published July 24, 2019). This information currently prohibits Coffey County from receiving Federal and State money being awarded to help rural Americans get adequate internet service.  This is where we need your help to put together an accurate internet access map of Coffey County.
How can you help?  Click this link http://madtel.com/coffey-county-test-your-speed to take an internet speed test.  This test will take less than 2 minutes and simply asks for you to enter your address. There is also an option if you do not have available services at your address. This test can be performed at multiple locations, or if you do not have internet at your home, it can be done from any public access point, such as a library. Personal information is not retained, only your location and speed test results, which will be used to create a plotted map.

This information and crowdsourcing map is a critical step in the process of getting all Coffey County citizens access to adequate internet service. We hope to take this map to the FCC to prove the inaccuracy of their current map. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.