USD 243 Lebo-Waverly
Summer Driver's Education


  • $204 for In-District Students
  • $354 for Out-of-District Students

Driver Education Permit

  • Each Student MUST have a Driver Education Permit.
    • Application for the Driver Education Permit will be completed in class
    • $4.00 cost (included in the above cost)
    • Eye Exam
      • Eye Doctor
      • School Nurse
      • County Health Nurse
      • Driver Ed Teacher
        • We will do eye test the first day of class for those that haven’t had an eye exam in the last 6 month.Please feel free to have your eyes tested before class begins.If you do, be sure to being exam results with you the first day of class.

Driver Education Classroom

  • Successful completion of the classroom consists of passing 18 objectives based on classroom presentations, the textbook “Drive Right”, and the Kansas Drivers Handbook.All objectives except Objective 7, must be completed with at least 80% correct.Objective 7 must be completed with 100%.The Kansas Drivers Handbook objective must be completed before the application for the Driver Education Permit is submitted and must be passed with at least 80%.


  • During the first week of classroom, students will be assigned a week of behind-the-wheel time.Each student will drive for approximately 6-8 hours during their assigned week.Students must complete 35 behind-the-wheel objectives without coaching or help to successfully complete the driving portion of the class.If the student doesn’t complete the behind-the-wheel objectives in their assigned week, additional time will be scheduled up to a total of 12 hours.

Class and Driving Schedule

Contact Doug Piper for more information.